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 Depository services


  Interacting with Depositories for ISIN Creation / Activation

  Execution of Corporate Actions.

  Daily Reconciliation of Electronic Holding with Back-Office

  Interacting with Depository Participants (DPs)

  Providing Beneficiary Position to the Issuer Companies

  Comparison of Ben-Pos on weekly basis

  Considering the advantages of scrip less trading, shareholders holding shares in      physical form should consider dematerialisation of their holding. Shareholder(s) who      want to hold shares in demat form should open a demat account with a depository      participant (DP) registered with either NSDL or CDSL, and then surrender their share      certificate(s) for dematerialisation through the DP.

  Steps involved in the dematerialisation of shares:

  • shareholder fills out a a dematerialisation request form (DRF) and surrenders the defaced share certificate(s) to the DP
  • the DP intimates the RTA of this request through the system
  • the DP submits the share certificate(s) and the DRF to the RTA
  • the RTA updates the register of members and then validates the request
  • the Depository credits the DP's account
  • the DP updates the investor's demat account and informs investor

  At present, no stamp duty has to be paid on transfer of shares in demat form.

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